Girls and boys born between 2000 and 2008.


UWEC Olson Gyms - 509 University Ave Eau Claire, WI


$150 per team, team registrations only.  Min 6 games.

Game format:  

5 v 5, 27 min running clock


Girls, Boys or co-ed.  Placement is determined by oldest player on the roster. Brackets may be combined based on age due to registration numbers.

Game Days:

Assorted Mondays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:30

Monday, January 7
Monday, January 14
Monday, January 21
Thursday, January 24
Monday, January 28
Thursday, January 31


Futsal League Rules

  1. Game is played on basketball court, wood or rubber flooring
  2. Sneakers or indoor soccer shoe (no black sole shoes allowed)
  3. Traditional size #4 Futsal ball will be used
  4. 5  players one of whom shall be a GK
  5. Substitution method: “On the fly” exception GK
  6. Maximum roster size 8 players
  7. Shin guards not required but encouraged
  8. All games will be 27 minutes running clock
  9. Ball out of play when it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline, or hits the ceiling (restart kick in at the place closest to where the ball touched the ceiling
  10. Kick in to be taken in place of the throw in. The ball must be placed on the touchline before kicking. Players on the opposing team must be 5 meters from the point of the kick in. Cannot score directly from a kick in
  11. GK no punting (Indirect free kick from the kick off spot)
  12. Penalty area: basketball three point line. GK may not handle the ball with their hands outside this area
  13. PK spot, top of the three point line directly in front of the goal
  14. Direct and Indirect kicks: Wall must be at least 5 meters away until the ball is in play.
  15. Kickoff is an indirect free kick.
  16. All other FIFA rules apply: exception no offsides

Other important Information

  1. Duration of Play: One 27-minute period.  No Breaks.
  2. The clock will not stop unless there is an injury on the field.
  3. Each team will play at least 6 games.
  4. In case of a tie after time has expired. (only in the Championship games) Immediately the teams will play a 5 minute sudden victory overtime, if it is still tied the team will play 4v4 without a goalie until a goal is scored.
  5. There will be T-shirts for Champion (a max. of 8) Game times will be firm so don’t be late!!!
  6. GK’s can double roster for clubs who bring multiple teams to the tournament
  7. Shin guards not required but encouraged

Contact Us

Eau Claire United Soccer Club

3456 Craig Rd
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701
Phone : 715-830-0782
Email : administrator@ecusoccer.org

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