Answers below are for a standard soccer season. These are currently affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Please see registration specifics for current expectations.

Parent FAQ

What is the difference between ECU, AYSO and Parks and Rec?

AYSO is recreational soccer and teams play teams within AYSO in Eau Claire with seasons in the fall and spring. Parks and Rec is also recreational soccer organized by the City of Eau Claire. This season is played in the summer months. ECU is a competitive club. Our teams travel to the Minneapolis/St Paul area for half of our league games. 9U/10U teams DO NOT travel during the week.


What’s the difference between Tournament and League play?

Tournament teams only play on weekends. League teams play during the week during the spring/summer and on weekends during the fall.  9U/10U teams do NOT play league in the spring to avoid weeknight games.  9U/10U teams are tournament only in the spring/summer.


When does the season start?

For MYSA league teams, the soccer season starts with team tryouts in June/July.  Teams are formed by the beginning of August. Teams play a fall season, Sept-Oct, hold optional indoor training over the winter and play a spring season from May-July. Tournament teams decide their schedule based on the availability of the players on the team.  High school teams do not play during the high school soccer season.


What does MYSA and WYSA mean?

MYSA stands for Minnesota Youth Soccer Association and WYSA stands for Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. ECU is a member of WYSA and an extra-territorial member of MYSA. Our league teams play MYSA and our tournament teams play WYSA.


Why join Eau Claire United Soccer Club versus another club?

ECU offers club sponsored player development training sessions and camps for all ages, coach development programs to support and improve quality among staff, competitive based, teams at every age level, a club administrator available to answer questions and lend support, and also local high school coaches involved in training sessions for younger ages.


What is the cost to play soccer in Eau Claire United? 

Team Placement Fee

The first expense is the fee the club charges you to have your child go through tryouts in order to be placed on a team. That fee is $45. This fee covers the cost of administering the tryout and for the tryout evaluators whom the club pays to rate the players.  This fee is required regardless of whether the player is available on the set tryout date.

Once your child has been placed on a team there are additional expenses. They fall into four categories:

1. Fees to the Club
2. Fees to your team
3. Uniform Expense
4. Travel and Meals to Games and Tournaments

Fees to the Club (Registration Fee)

The fees paid to the club vary somewhat by age because some younger teams are limited to only Tournament play. Some older teams also play a Tournament only schedule due to conflicts with High School Soccer season and unavailability of players. The fees paid to the Club include:

Coaching fee
Minnesota registration fee
Wisconsin registration fee
Referee costs including referee training
Fees to the City of Eau Claire for use of our fields
A small amount for development of our coaches
Equipment provided by the Club (balls, flags, first aid)
Club administration including office and staff


Fees paid to your team

Tournament expense of $120-$250/player.  This includes tournament registration fees and coach travel expenses.
These team fees vary by the coach selected for your team and the type and quantity of tournaments chosen.


Uniform Expense

The Club selects a uniform that we will use for a two year period. A complete uniform kit with two jerseys, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks is currently $90. Unless your child out grows his or her uniform (or loses it) you should be able to use it for up to two years, depending on uniform cycle.


Travel and Meal Expense

Some teams opt for Tournaments that are not an overnight stay for the players and their families. This is done by consensus so hopefully whatever the majority wants, the team will do. Ideally our families create carpools to travel to league games and to tournaments if appropriate. Eating out can get expensive so packing a picnic meal is a good option. There are plenty of families that do not go to every League game and send their child with another family on occasion.

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